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  • UHF-11

    Name: UHF-11



    Short Description:UHF WIRELESS MIC SYSTEM

Product Description

Affordability or high-end quality? Why not both? Enjoy your favorite Karaoke songs with this exceptional clear wireless dynamic microphone system that’s built for both affordability and professional graded quality. Durable structure modular design and steel grilled mic for protection against drop damage. 
Product Specs

Overall System Specification 
Carrier frequency : UHF 470-865 MHz 
Stability : ±0.005%(at 25°C) 
Ambient temperature : 10°C - 50°C 
Max deviation : ±50KHz with level limiting 
Dynamic range: 110dB 
S/N ratio: <-110dB 
T.H.D.: >0.3% 
Pre/De-Emphasis: 50us 
Squelch: Tone control and noise lock dual squelch 
Frequency response: 30Hz - 20KHz 
Operating range: 100m(approximately 300 feet under typical conditions) 
Receiving mode : PLL Single channel receiving 
Sensitivity: >-107dB 
Image rejection: Over 80dB 
Audio output: Unbalanced, Hi Z-360mV 10K Mixer 
Power: AC 110-120V/220-240V (50-60)External DC 10V-18(1A) 
Dimensions: 7.5”(L) x 8.6”(W) x 1.5”(H) 
Weight: Approx.3.3 lbs 
Wireless Microphone 
Microphone: Dynamic 
Antenna: Built-in 
RF output: 15mW 
Spurious emissions: 45dBc 
Battery: Two 1.5V AA battery or 1.2V AA rechargeable battery 
Battery life: 8 Hours 
Dimensions: 52diaX240mm handheld 
Weight: 9.1 ounce 
Safety Approval: FCC,CE

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