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Product Description

The ultra-powerful KS-V102 speakers will refresh your appreciation for music & Karaoke. With pristine sound reproduction and high-quality drivers, these speakers bring new life to your Karaoke performance. Just as the designer intended, the sound quality is so rich you feel like you're at a private concert. Lows, mid-ranges and high tones are recreated in high resolution audio, making even the most subtle sounds music to your ears. 
Product Specs

• 2-3 Way Speakers System 
• Two 8'' Woofer And Two 3" Tweeter 
• Power Rating: 600 Watts Max 
• Frequency Response: 50Hz ~ 18000Hz 
• Sensitivity: 91dB 
• Impedance: 4-8 Ohms 
• Demension: 23.5"(W) x 14.5”(D) x 12”(H) each speaker 
• Net Weight: 41 lbs. (each) 

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