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Product Description

Brilliant sound and built quality for you to enjoy your favorite Karaoke songs, the DJ-9 from DTECH is all about style and high performance Karaoke Amplifier & Mixer. 

The DJ-9 is a professional grade Karaoke Amplifier Mixer with a design to impress. The ambient (blue) backlit lighting adds a nice tone to your living room décor, while the studio like quality offer better singing experience for you and quest. 
Product Specs

• Senor Audio selector 
• Video input/out jacks 
• Music source input 
• Microphone jacks (Front/Rear) 
• Sub woofer out 
• Master volume/mic turn off switch 
• Sound effect device (pre-out/input) 
• Echo, delay, repeat adjustment 
• Master volume control (Music/Mic) 
• IR sensor remote control 

Audio Max output: 380 380 
Frequency Response: 25hz – 20hz 
Mic Tone: 80hz 15dB 

Power source: AC 115V/AC230V 
Electricity consumption: 650W 
Net weight: 33lbs 
Dimension: 430 x 156 x 330 mm 

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