• Name: Acesonic PS-420 400W Professional 10" Powered Stereo Speaker System



    Short Description:The PS-420 is the newest powered stereo speaker system from Acesonic. For improved sound, this system utilizes XLR microphone connections and there are two of them so you can sing a duet or have to people speaking at the same time. Set-up is easy! Just connect microphones, connect the two speakers together and plug the main speaker into power you're set. Perfect when a quick setup and powerful sound is required since you are able to connect microphones and an audio source directly to the speakers.

  • Name: Acesonic PK-2000 160W All-In-One Blu-Ray System with Dual VHF Wireless Mics



    Short Description:The Acesonic PK-2000 is a portable 160W RMS All-In-One System that has tons of useful features built-in. When bringing the PK-2000 to use in your yard, bar, auditorium or party, it would be like taking your full home multimedia center with you wherever you go! This system can play mostly any disc and format your throw at it such as Blu-Ray, DVD, CDG, VCD, and even MP3, MPEG-4, MKV and MOV filetypes. Bring your own custom videos, playlist or movies anywhere you go. Set-up is easy! You just power it up and connect it to a display.

  • Name: Acesonic HKR-710 340-Watt HDMI Surround Sound Karaoke Amplifier



    Short Description:The Acesonic HKR-710 is a 340W 7.1 Surround Sound Home Theater Karaoke Amplifier with HDMI Switch USB power and AV inputs for iPad/Android tablets. This new machine can do many useful things as the centerpiece of your entertainment system. Connect all your players and audio sources here and utilize the HDMI switch where up to three HDMI inputs are available. Take advantage of the HKR-710's video and audio capabilities and its powerful sound!

  • Name: DT-550



    Short Description:NEW

  • Name: Acesonic AM-888 500-Watt Dual 32-Bit DSP Karaoke Mixing Amplifier



    Short Description:The AM-888 is one of the most advanced mixing amplifiers that Acesonic has to offer because it has many features that bring quality sound and many benefits to it's user. One of the most useful features is the automatic source selector. The AM-888 will detect which ever audio source is on and automatically select it so you don't have to guess when choosing from one of the four inputs. You will not have any silence as long as you have music playing through the background music (BGM) sound input even when you pause, or change discs on your DVD player. The party won't stop if the music doesn't! You'll have full control as the BGM feature has an input level controller on the back panel so you can adjust volume levels appropriately. To help better control this feature, sensitivity switches are used for the DVD, PDP, and AUX inputs so you can set the sensitivity at which the audio source will detect and switch to the right source automatically.

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